For the blog redesign, I stayed true to the themes of the Vogue brand - luxe & chic. The new design emphasizes clean lines, modern typography & incorporates existing brand colors. Utilizing a key 'featured image' as the banner, highlights the latest post.

The Pinterest-style user experience, allows the user to quickly scan through relevant posts. The abundance of images in this layout, provides visual interest to the viewer.

At page-load, relevant post categories are displayed for easy navigation. All extra menu items stay tucked away in a hamburger-style menu button. The search icon on the top right, provides a quick search of the blog posts.




Style Guide

The blog colors consist of a simple monochromatic theme, with a pop of red. Fonts used are a combination of serif & complimentary sans-serif.






Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.05.26 AM.png

WEB Screenshots


Mobile DEsign






Mobile UX

The Mobile UX utilizes the same elements of the Web design. Content is concise to allow each post gets the user's attention. Menu popup from the top left, remains standard with current app design trends.


Mobile Screenshots